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The University of Agriculture in Krakow derives from the Jagiellonian University, where agriculture and forestry were taught at university level since 1890. At present it is the only University of Agriculture in Poland. The University of Agriculture structure comprises: 7 faculties and Veterinary Medicine- formed within the framework of Centre of Veterinary Medicine JU-UAK. A total of about 12 thousand students are currently enrolled for full time and part-time programmes and doctoral studies. Candidates may apply to undergraduate programme, graduate programme and doctoral studies. It educates specialists in the fields of agriculture, forestry, horticulture, biology, animal breeding, veterinary medicine, environmental protection, biotechnology, geodesy, environmental engineering, landscape architecture, food technology, commodity science, technology and production engineering, economics and management.

On this website, you can find all the information regarding admission procedure and legal requirements. It is also a great website for those who wish to know more about studying full-time or as an exchange student at University of Agriculture in Krakow.

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